The SA School of Celebrations

Celebrations made simply memorable

Team Building 

We are all about getting peoples creative juices flowing at The SA School of Celebrations. We love to celebrate the fun things in live.

Are you looking for something different to do with your employees to boost company moral? 

We offer the following team building activities: 

  • Flower Arranging

It is a proven fact that Flower Arranging promotes sensory stimulation, reduces stress and boosts creative thinking. 

Take your employees on a floral journey, letting them relax, have fun and let the creativity flow. 

Floral Journeys Available include but are not limited too 

  1. Flower Crowns
  2. Creative dinner tables
  3. Blooming vases
  4. Surprise boxes
  5. Festive florals

These activities can either be done at our training venue in Bryanston or we can come to you at a venue of your choice. 

  • Cake Decorating or Baking Sessions

Baking can be an an outlet of creativity, it makes one feel happier and helps you practice patience. 

Options Available

1. Cake decorating 

2. Basic baking

3. Cupcake decorating 

These activities can either be done at our bakery in Parkhurst or we can come to you or at a venue of your choice.