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                                                                            MODERN CAKE DECORATING  & TECHNIQUES



During this class we will cover a variety of techniques that are quick to do and give a spectacular result, therefore making the cakes more profitable. You will get some equipment to take home with you and decorate 3 cakes in class which you take with you to show off your new found skills

  Simple way to temper chocolate

  Chocolate shards

  Piping chocolate

  Chocolate ganache for drip

  Chocolate mousse filled cakes

  How to make curds for fillings

  Working with isomalt

  Isomalt sail

  Working with sugar

  Sugar shards

  Working with icing combs

  Decorating with fresh flowers

  Distressed marbled fondant wrap

  Bas relief moulds

  Painting with metallics

Costing your cakes for re-sale 



4 Days

Times: 9am –1pm


Available form Jan 2021 


All printed material and ingredients required for the course are supplied by The SA School of Celebrations.


In order to successfully complete the course at The SA School of Celebrations, students are required to successfully complete all activities and practical elements covered within the course.  

100% attendance is required.

Only upon successful completion of the course students will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the 4 Day Skills Program Certification in Modern Cake Decorating & Techniques.